Best Week Ever

Best Week Ever

There are weeks that are super stressful and weeks that are super sucky but this week can go down in the best week ever category.

Our local fair came to town and I've been going ever since I was little. So we packed up the kids and headed out Tuesday evening. I should have taken a picture of my favorite thing to eat at the fair - monstrous fried zucchini from Piggly. I'm sure it's really terrible to ingest but it's a vegetable riiiight? 

I still couldn't take a picture of that. I can't have evidence that I ate that floating around on the Internets. We also had cheese fries and cotton candy. Bonus! 

Aside from the fried fair food, my kids had a lot of fun. Especially my daughter. I swear kids make things like that exponentially better.

The fair was fun but then I got invited by my girl, Lauren, to attend a spa night at Spa Niva. I thought about it for, I don't know...a millisecond. And then the answer was a big, fat YES!

I got a Botox consult, microderm abrasion on my hands, a nail polish change, and a magic massage that pretty much made my week. All of it was complimentary as part of a Yelp Elite Event. Thank you so much for inviting me, Lauren!

To add to all this fun, we're going away this weekend. We as in my husband and me. As in just us. As in no kids. This only happens once a year on our anniversary, which is this weekend. 

Destination Vegas for lucky #7!

Appropriately so.


  1. Shauna, your week and weekend were off the charts fabulous! I love fairs, spas and of course Vegas! HaHa Have a great time doll and a wonderful anniversary! May lady luck be with the both of you :D

  2. It looks like you and the little miss had a great time. I hope you have fun in Vegas! My brother is going in May for our friends wedding and he can't wait. I wanted to go but couldn't get the time off work, bleh! I hope you and the family have a great Saturday night.


    1. Too bad you couldn't go! Luckily, Vegas is a full year operation so hopefully next time you can go! Thanks for the well wishes! Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.Have fun in Vegas! Love the pics!

  4. Thanks for coming! So fun! Have a great weekend!

  5. What a treat of a week!! {I'm a tad bit jealous.} I know this is really random, but your eyebrows are sculpted so well for your face and you look great. :) Thought you should know, sister.



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