We're Moving! (And now I'm nostalgic.)

We're Moving!

And now I'm nostalgic.

We are moving!

Like literally moving. To a different house.

Things are being packed and boxed up. Mirrors and family pictures have been taken off the wall. We're taking the "us" out of this house, packing it up, and delivering it to our new place.

We moved into this little house three years ago after some pretty hellish times. Christian and Lola were just babies and Gabe was in middle school. Over these past few years we've outgrown this house and we're bustin' out of here!

Only to move about five minutes away. Less than a mile. But still.

We need a little more room to spread out. Not much, though. That just means more to clean and this Momma ain't about that.

So, back to moving...while packing I sat wondering about the day we moved here. I couldn't remember a thing. All I remember is being here. We wanted a little carpet in the living room for Lola so she could learn how to crawl.

Is she gonna do it?

Maybe not. Gigantic hair flower holding her back.

She learned how to crawl here? How did that happen? Wasn't she just a baby? Who's this little girl running around with a pony tail and a bossy hand on her hip?

Look at her now!

Yes, she did learn how to crawl here. She took her first steps right here in this living room. Christian smiled for the first time in two years. Gabe came home to this tiny house after his first day of high school. I was always so self conscious about having parties here because of the space. But looking back it never mattered.

Christian's Dr. Seuss birthday. He turned two. Why, yes, that is a Cat in the Hat cake.

That back yard housed a few jumping castles full of over-sugared kids. The homemade fire pit my husband made roasted marshmallows for S'mores one New Year's Eve. And how many amazing Christmas mornings did we have here? One year we had to cut the tree in half and put it on top of a table so Lola wouldn't get it.

Lola's first birthday happened here.

There were a lot of firsts here. And this house is small but the memories are big. Now I'm getting nostalgic, which I tend to do when things come to an end and it's time to move on. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to be in the new house yesterday! I'm so excited for new spaces to fill and walls to decorate.

But is it weird to think about the memories we'll make in the new house and be sad and excited at the same time? Time goes by so fast and then the kids are big and what happened to them being babies anyway?

Overly-nostalgic. This girl right here.

I'm thinking the next time you hear from me, we'll be in our new house getting started on making new memories.

This blog post had me going through old memories tonight, examining pictures, searching for memories of our early days here. One last hurrah before we go...

Look at this goo goo baby!

They were so little!

Have a good weekend, make some memories, and wish us tons of luck moving!


  1. Aww so cute!! I hope you guys have an easy move! I will be moving to another house in the next couple of months! :)

  2. Good luck with the move. It's never easy to leave, but now you'll make new memories :)

  3. Hey Momma C! I'm your newbie follower on Bloglovin. Thanks for co-hosting! I really enjoyed this post, as I am preparing for a move in May. I'm nervous, but excited. Reading this has inspired me. Thank you!



  4. Aww! I bet it's hard but just think how great this new place is going to be!

  5. Hi! Followed you over from TGIF blog hop. Great post....got me thinking about my daughter growing up. She's 16 months old and already I can't believe how fast the time flies. Good luck with your move and enjoy your new home where new memories with your family will be created : ) Now following you via GFC.



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