Weekend Debauchery

Weekend Debauchery

Oh, jeez.

And by "Oh, jeez" I really mean happy St. Paddy's Day!

There's this thing that happens with my weekends where I'll have a few weekends in a row with absolutely no plans and nothing to do. Uneventful, boring weekends with nothing to talk about but the latest new episode of SNL.

And then there are weekends like this weekend. Food and drink and friends and ridiculousness and debauchery. What better weekend than St. Paddy's Day weekend to include debauchery?

It's a fun word. Say it. Debauchery. Are you saying it right? Because I'm pretty sure I say it incorrectly about half the time.


I had my first blate! (Blog+date for those of you who don't know. Now you know.)

I met up with Alli from Allena Mistral and Lauren from Life.Love.Lauren.

We had yummy food and yummy drinks out of a mason jar.

Yes. It was as good as it looks. Raspberry something or other. Who cares what it was called? It was delicious and it was gone quickly.

Blogger peeps.

We stayed for hours and talked life and blogging over wine and food. I was a little nervous, this being my first blate and all. But Alli and Lauren are both pretty awesome chicks so it wasn't hard to stay and talk...and drink.

At the end of the night they went to a burlesque show, which I totally would have done, too, if not for my Saturday night plans. I had to pace myself. I'm no longer a youngin'.


There was a bachelorette party and I don't think I really have to go into specifics.

Blurry selfies with the bestie happened.

I found some bagpipers. That doesn't happen to everybody?

Debauchery, I tell you.

This night took me down hard. Not because I got really drunk or anything (but we're not counting that out completely) but because I NEVER go out. Ever. I do my share of dinners with friends but late nights are not part of my regular life unless they're spent watching my collection of DVR'd shows and blogging.

If I ever had any doubt, last night proved to me that I am most definitely 31 years old.


I like to try to do something for St. Paddy's Day every year. Usually it's the local parade or something. But this year a friend of mine threw a birthday party for her four year old and the theme was St. Paddy's Day! So we got to wear our lucky shirts and St. Paddy's Day tiarras (everybody has one, right?) and celebrate the day of green.

When my kids are dressed remotely similar (or dressed at all) I like to take pictures.

But this is what really happens.

Lola says no way. She ain't got time for that.

It was a great weekend but Momma is tired.

Kinda like this.

Princess problems.

Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like a great week-end!
    I hear ya about the recovery period, takes me two days to recover now from a night of debauchery.


  2. I can't remember when the last time I had a night of debauchery. I don't think I can survive past 10pm is I'm lucky. :) I'm your newest follower for Bloggy Mom blog hop. Have a great afternoon.


  3. What a blast of a weekend! Cool that you got to hang with some blogger friends! I did the old SNL thing, which I don;t mind either. I'm sure I'll have some debauchery soon in my future!

    xx Kelly

  4. The weekend was fun! Beer and green stuff everywhere. We had some friend who came over and it was fun! :D

  5. Hello from the Bloglovin Hop! I love that you had a blate! I cannot wait to meet up with some other bloggers in real life! I have so much to discuss with them that other people (non-bloggers) just don't get!


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