The Other Side of Giveaways: There Really is a Winner!


There Really is a Winner!

I've learned some things about blogging this week and one concept that keeps pulling me full circle is the concept of inspiration. I have been inspired this week by other writers and bloggers.

It's very easy to get caught up in what's popular and blogging for the masses and blogging to get followers. But at the core, at least for me, this is about writing. It's about sharing! Finding common ground and making connections with people.

I've seen some rumblings in the blogosphere about sponsorships, giveaways, should yous, shouldn't yous, and all of the commentary is very helpful. Truly. For someone new to this kind of blogging I'm not even sure how I feel about half of the "should yous" out there. So it's good to hear it from both sides.

But regarding giveaways, in my short little Momma Candy blog life, I've been able to participate in three giveaways. The first one I hosted with Lisa from Whole Soul Jewelry. I loved doing this. I loved it because I just loved the jewelry, plain and simple. But I also loved promoting Lisa's blog and business.

This was my first giveaway and we had over six hundred entries! Not bad for a couple of little blogs! We used Rafflecopter and an automatic winner selector. When I found out who the winner was I was so excited because I actually know the winner! She's from an online Mommy group that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Now, right about now you might be thinking - Ooooooh! She's your friend? How conveeeeenient!

Let me just tell you right now that if I had rigged the giveaway, I wouldn't even be blogging about it. I would keep that to myself and move along with my bloggy little life. Just so I'm clear.

Anywho, back to giveaways, there really are winners! They really do exist. And sometimes winning can really make someone's day! It's not just about gaining followers. Sometimes it's much better than that.

The winner of the Whole Soul Jewelry giveaway was so excited that she blogged about it (she's a blogger, too!) and the meaning behind the piece she chose. Her name is Dana and she has an awesome blog about her life in a house full of girls.

My next thank you is a double thanks. I was the winner of a Valentine's Day giveaway! I SO rarely win things, so it was super exciting for me, and I just want to say thank you and give some shout outs.

So, thank you to Shauna at MommaCandy for hosting the giveaway. Shauna is a friend of mine who writes a super awesome blog about parenting, current entertainment (TV and such), products, food, and other things Mommas love! Her son and my oldest daughter are both August 2008 babies, so we've been online friends since December 2007 when we were pregnant. So check out Shauna's blog - I promise a fun read.

And thank you to Whole Soul Jewelry for the prize! The Silver Spoon Jewelry Collection was a no brainer for me, since i LOVE the look of antique jewelry, and I also have a spoon collection!!! I love antique spoons! I was deciding between the bee, butterfly, bird, and hummingbird (I love animals too) and in the end, decided to go with the Bee necklace since it was a Valentine's Day contest, and my wife's name (Melissa) MEANS honey bee (in Greek.) So thank you Shauna and Whole Soul for my new necklace - I love it, and it was an awesome Valentine's Day surprise!

And Dana took that picture herself when she got her necklace! Isn't that cool? I love the story that goes along with it. Great choice, Dana!

So, you see?! Giveaways can be a happy thing. I loved the experience and I can't wait to work with Whole Soul Jewelry again. Keep your eyes open, we'll be partnering up again soon.

In the mean time, if you'd like to read more about Dana's little family of girls, visit by clicking her button below! Read her post about her daughter's reaction to getting to eat ice cream out of the carton! So cute!

Lil Family Blog

Dana Alison is one of two Mommies and writes Lil Family Blog, in which she talks about her girls, her life, and her observations. Dana graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a BFA in Photography, Fine Arts, and the Art of Procrastination. Currently she lives in The Hamptons and is a stay at home mom to her two little girls.


  1. Thanks, again, Shauna! <3

  2. Thanks for joining the Monday Mingle. I'm your newest GFC follower!

  3. well written. i love hosting giveaways because i love seeing other bloggers/women get something and be grateful and excited!! brings me joy:) im following now:)


  4. i wish everyone could win something. it breaks my heart to give away one prize. so many are so deserving.


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