The Bachelor: And the winner is...

The Bachelor

And the winner is...

The final rose was given last night and I won't give too much of a play by play as there was a lot of contemplation and far off looks that took up the bulk of the Bachelor's two, or actually, three hour special. That's a lot of Bachelor.

The final two came down to Lindsay, formerly known as "Wedding Dress Girl" (I can't believe it either) and Catherine, the one with the wicked sisters from Seattle.

Sean's family joins him in Thailand where his nephew, Smith, exclaims, "Emily didn't pick you!"

Wrong season, Buddy. But still funny.

Sean's sister and her affinity for fluorescents makes an appearance with his loving mom and jolly dad. They're ready to meet the candidates.

Catherine makes a great impression leading Sean's dad to promise he would be her biggest cheerleader. So sweet! Especially in light of Catherine's daddy issues.

Lindsay makes a good first impression, too, telling Sean's dad she'd like to "Just hang out with Sean for the rest of her life!" I guess that's sweet?

Then she asks Sean's dad for his hand in marriage, which I thought was cute.

Overall, Meet the Family went well and Sean's crazily attractive family discusses and contemplates his choices. I noticed Catherine seemed nervous and unsure of herself through the entire meeting, while Lindsay seemed very confident. On the surface, Lindsay "looks" like a better fit with Sean's family.

Sean's mom gets emotional and tells him that if he's truly in love with both women, he shouldn't propose to anyone. Momma makes sense, right? (Nobody wants no proposal. #badforratings)

Both have a final one on one date where they get their last chance to convince Sean they are the one for him. Lindsay is very confident, while Catherine is still very worried. However, comparing the two dates, Sean couldn't wait to get to Catherine. And when he was with Catherine he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was here that I figured it out. He wants Catherine.

But ABC has another hour of show to fill so nobody gets to figure anything out too soon! There's some mysterious letter that's coming. What does it say? Who is it from? And let's talk to AshLEE who's in the live audience (let's not). She still looks as bitter as the day she left and when asked if she sees the connection and why he chose the women he did for the final two, she kind of answers with a yes. Then she insists they laughed together, too, but she was just more reserved and serious.

Okay, Psycho.

So the final night before the big proposal, Sean meets with the girls again. Lindsay is confident. Sean is distracted. During Catherine's date, Catherine is unsure, she finally drops the I LOVE YOU bomb and he doesn't say it back. She gets upset but, Woman, have you seen the Bachelor? They never say it back until the end!

Finally, the proposal! Linsday is up first and she's pretty sure she's getting a ring.

Nope! After she hikes through the jungle and up to Sean, he tearfully breaks up with her. She is devastated. But this girl took it like a champ. She said, "I'm gonna go," takes off her heels, and walks off the platform barefoot and heartbroken.

She'll be alright. She's twenty-four.

The letter comes and it's just a love letter from Catherine before she gets the proposal. What a let down. I mean, it was so hyped like it was going to be a bombshell. The bombshell is she loves him. (Yawn.)

Sean finally does it. He's down on his knee with a big, fat diamond proposing to Catherine. You can genuinely see that she is surprised and with every surprised and twitching muscle in her face, she accepts. The final rose is given and they ride off into the sunset on an elephant. Which looks romantic, but a little unsafe.

Sean Lowe proposes to Catherine Giudici on the season finale of the Bachelor

I approve of the decision. Catherine seems like a nice girl. Lindsay seemed like a really good fit for his family and they seemed to have a lot in common but they never talked about anything. They just kissed. And he just had eyes for Catherine. Take that wicked sisters!

The third hour was "After the Rose" in which we get to see a very in love Sean and Catherine declare they are getting married on TV and very soon. Good for them. The rest was just more gushing and we find out Des from this season will be the Bachelorette.

Look out for her brother, prospective Bachelors!


  1. Well hopefully they actually work and make it last-- the track record for that show isn't so good

  2. I'm so glad Des is the next Bachelorette! I really liked her. I hope it all works out with Sean and Catherine, too.


    1. I think Des is perfect for the bachelorette. Wonder how her brother feels.


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