Slutty Brownies


One of the first recipes I ever attempted from Pinterest was this mash up of chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies and brownies. I mean, what's not to love about that combination?

It was known by all sorts of names - Oreo Brownie Bars, OMG Brownies, and then favorite version...Slutty Brownies.

Because it's just so appropriate for this type of brownie.

I've made this recipe several times and every time I make it I get a lot of, "Oooooh!" and "Ahhhh!"

I made them today for a friend's birthday and I got a text that went something like this:

"Ohhhhhh eMMMMM Geeeeeeeeeee"

Want to know what else makes these brownies so OMG? They're ridiculously easy.

Let me break it down for you.

1 box of brownie mix (plus ingredients to make brownies - 2 eggs, oil, water)
1 bag of chocolate chip cookie mix (plus ingredients to make cookies - 1 stick of butter, 1 egg, water)
1 bag of Double Stuf Oreo Cookies

{STEP 1}

Line a 9x9 or 8x8 pan with tin foil. You don't have to do this but it will make things easy later. Some recipes call for parchment paper but I really don't like using it and I think it smells funny when it bakes. Yum, waxy brownies. Or not.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

{STEP 2} 

Prepare chocolate chip cookie mix.

Feel free to use your own homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have my own homemade recipe but I don't like using it in this recipe because I don't want the deliciousness of my chocolate chip cookies to be covered up. They stand alone. So I lean on the easy and quick version for this recipe.

Press cookie dough into the bottom of the pan.

{STEP 3} 

Press Oreo cookies into cookie dough. Be generous. Don't scatter. Line them one by one and fit as many as you can.

I bet you see those cracked Oreos. I got a little overzealous with the pressing of the Oreos. Maybe I was a little too excited about these brownies. But they stay. Cracked Oreos need love, too.

{STEP 4}

Prepare brownie mix according to box instructions.
Pour brownie mix over Oreos and cookie dough and spread to all sides and corners.

{STEP 5} 

Bake for 45 minutes. Check the center with a toothpick or metal butter knife. If it's too gooey for your liking, give it another fifteen minutes.

Like I mentioned, I've made this recipe several times and in different ovens. To my knowledge, it's impossible to get the entire thing cooked all the way through evenly. If you are waiting for the center to cook completely, you will loose the gooeyness and the sides and Oreos will be all dried out. So to enjoy these brownies you have to be okay with slightly undercooked brownie in the center. I'm okay with it, I frickin' love brownie batter. I also love raw cookie dough. But that's me.

{STEP 6}

This is where the tinfoil comes in handy. After allowing the brownies to cool slightly, lift up entire block of brownies out of the pan and onto a cutting board.

{STEP 7}

Cut and enjoy.

Delicious, easy, and they definitely put out.

So slutty!


  1. Once I clean up the puddle of drool that has just appeared... I'm going to make these!!!

  2. Oh my... those look ridiculously slutty! I LOVE it! Also, I was born and raised in Arizona! (Phoenix area) I don't know why I felt compelled to tell you that. Lol. Hi! Newest follower here... via Aloha Friday! I love your blog and was kinda hopin' that you'd pop on by, stay a while, and follow me back if you like what you read!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh em gee is right! Wow! These look so good!

  4. OMG You had me at "Slutty Brownies". Hilarious. These look amazing!! LOL! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, and I don't think you are creepy for appreciating my skin...ha ha! Thank you very much :-)
    Your blog is adorable...New follower!!

  5. My teeth hurt just looking at those! But I would try them just for the name.

  6. Oh dear! Yeah, that's sinful and slutty... But that won't stop me from trying it..

  7. have you tried flipping the brownies n cookies? or half way cookie the brownie on the bottom and then add the oreos and cookie batter on top since it cooks faster and once cooled just flip it over like an upside down cake. Just a thought on cooking it all the way through.

  8. have you tried flipping the cookie/brownie? cook the brownie on the bottom and cook it half way the add the oreos and cookie on top since it cooks an upside down cake?

    1. I've never thought of that! I guess because i don't mind raw brownie batter. I like the bowl! The other thing is that the middle is so fragile, I'm not sure it would survive a flip. But it's worth a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. I want to make this and fill the spaces between the oreos with little reese peanut butter cups.

    1. I think you just turned it up a notch! If you do, make sure to come back and tell me how it is!

    2. I made them tonight with the peanut butter cups. I highly recommend trying this!

  10. Parchment paper is not wax paper...duh. You can't put wax paper in the oven! SMH

    1. Ha ha! Well, there you go! I must have bought wax paper instead of parchment paper. Oh, well. Now I use tin foil and there's no mistaking that!

      Thanks for the heads up! This post is my #1 most visited on the blog and nobody has said anything to me about it! Must be a common mistake. :-)

  11. I had to come search for this after I saw you mention it on Momdot. OMG. I will make a gluten free version of this with gluten free cookie mix, K-Too's Chocolate sandwich cookies (they taste really close to Oreo's) and Gluten Free Brownie mix. This has got to be on my table soon.


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