Ice cream is way better than moving.

Hey, let's talk about ice cream.

So I'm still moving.

 (Insert biggest eye roll ever right here.)

It totally and completely, exhaustingly sucks.

It's the kind of suckage people only talk about while they're in the process of moving. Others who've recently moved are like, "Totally, bro. Moving sucks."

While people who haven't moved in a while respond to your mover complaints with, "That's boring. Talk about something else."

So I will! 

Now, I would have written a real post if I had real Internet. But, alas, I am stuck with phone Internet. Otherwise, I would be linking up with Tuesday Topics. Now, you're stuck with me talking about ice cream because blogging on an iPhone is mind numbing.

About nine-ish years ago I visited Boulder for the first time and stepped into my very first Ben and Jerry's ice cream parlor experience. The place smells like sugar. I could probably live there. Ben and Jerry's, not Boulder.

Anywho, I ordered what would become my very favorite ice cream flavor ever. It was called Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. 

Sounds fun, right?

It's coffee ice cream with almost crispy chunks of dark espresso chocolate.

I thought for sure they would sell that stuff retail. I mean, it was the ice cream version of solid gold!

Nope. Never found it. I went so far as to look it up on their website. No luck. Only sold in their sugar smelling shops. Boo!

For nine years I settled for mere imitations. 

Until today.

Look what was staring back at me in the ice cream freezer at my local supermarket...

I see a light at the end of this moving tunnel and it came from Ben and Jerry.


  1. I'm such an ice cream addict! Ice cream while watching the walking dead! haha

  2. That last quote is too funny. :) Best wishes on your move. I've heard the saying, "You know who your true friends are when you need help moving." Or something like that...In any event, I hope you're getting the assistance you need to make it happen efficiently!


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