Three Stores

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It's time for one of my favorite link ups - Tuesday Topics!
The topic for this week is Three Stores.
When I think about all of the stores I frequent (there aren't many, honestly), I think the shining star on the hill would definitely be Target.
It doesn't help that my Target - yes, I call it my Target - is literally a block away from my house.
I consider my Target to be a merging of two of my favorite stores because they done went and put a Starbucks in there to greet me every time I walk in. They know my weakness!
After getting drunk on Starbucks, the Dollar Spot conveniently appears saying:
"Hello. Come buy shit you don't need. I won't tell. It's only a dollar. Or three dollars for some things but whatever. You REALLY need this seasonal decor and Hello Kitty headband."

Hi. I'm Shauna and I take pictures of Target. It's all so pretty!


Sorry, but I like Walmart. They have cheap stuff. And where else can I buy a needle and thread, my kids' school supplies, work out clothes, a TV, cheerios, and a gun in one trip? No where but Walmart, that's where.

They also have cheap avocados and they're essential in my house. So Walmart it is.


Is this a cop out?

I'm going with no. I used to be a big shopper. Hours at the mall. But that takes a lot of free time and a lot of money. Then I had more children and at this point in my life, the little time I do get to leave the house is spent grocery shopping or at Target. Yes, I spend "me" time at Target.

Anyway, the internet and all it has to offer is my third favorite "store." I can compare sales for several stores, put stuff in virtual shopping carts while I think about the purchase for a day or two, I can check ebay and amazon for lower prices and I can do it all from the comfort of my couch while watching Real Housewives of Orange County (premiering April 1st!). It's the best!

Then packages magically show up on my doorstep and it's like Christmas again!

Speaking of "me" time, all the kids are asleep! Maybe it's time to visit my third favorite store?

What's your favorite store?


  1. Oh, Shauna. You had me at "Target". Walking around there most definitely qualifies as Me Time. And Me Time is so very rare and precious.


  2. I do love me some Tarzhay but Walmart...Walmart makes me CRAZY. The only thing Walmart is good for here, is Chicken and Waffle Potato chips. Target is way to classy for chicken and waffles. Plus, we have Super Target which is the highlight of my life basically. The only thing that would make the Super Target better is if it were 2 stories and had one of those little cart escalators.

    My other 2 favorite stores would be hmmm, probably Walgreens, cause their candy is cheap and sometimes a big theater sized package of sour punch straw is NECESSARY, esp when its 79 cents on sale, and Old Navy. I try to order stuff online, but I am instant gratification. If I pay money for something I want it right then. And I am a fantastic clearance rack shopper and you can't do that online really, you have to go there and look in the little girls department for something someone else hid there to come back later and buy. And then buy it! ::Muahahaha twirling my evil mustache::

    1. I totally get the instant gratification thing! That's why I can't shop after Christmas clearance. I want it now!!!

      Walgreens is the devil! They make you buy all sorts of things you don't need. I could browse that place all night!

  3. Love online! Totally not a cop out. I frequent Amazon wayyyy too much!


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