The Bachelor: Did Someone Say Abandonment?


Did Someone Say Abandonment?

The Bachelor brings us to Thailand this week with a pensive Sean contemplating what his future would be should he choose Lindsay, AshLEE, or Catherine.

As is tradition, he has strong feelings for all three.

Sean briefly brings us up to speed about his feelings for each woman. He always talks about how much fun and silliness he has with Catherine and says he needs more silly. I guess he shouldn't have sent home Tierra then. Baaazing.

We revisit AshLEE's abandonment complex. Again. There will be more of that later just in case you're not quite understanding the extent of her abandonment. Let's just refer to her as AbandonashLEE. It sounds much better than AshNEEDY or UnstablAshLEE.

He also can't believe Lindsay, the girl who showed up in a wedding dress on night one, is part of the last three standing. Neither can we, Sean. Neither can we.

But a nice swim and a few close ups of his thought process is just what Sean needs to sort out his complex feelings.

Lindsay has the first day in beautiful Thailand with Sean. They jump in some kind of mini carriage-taxi and ride to a glamorous roadside market Lindsay calls "exciting" and "adventurous." Apparently, exciting and adventurous mean eating bugs. Couldn't the producers have hooked this girl up with a side of ranch to help her get those bugs down the hatch?

Lindsay and Sean head to the beach where it looks hella humid. And I haven't used "hella" in over a decade so you should take that to mean it was really f-ing humid.

They frolic at the beach and just happen to find some wild beach monkeys. And they just happen to have some wild beach monkey food. What are the chances?

Sean propositions Lindsay with the obscure virginal fantasy suite and she accepts. Then there's awkward non-conversation until Lindsay forces out an I LOVE YOU. [yawn]

*Sidenote: All propositions for the fantasy suite were virginal, just them talking and kissing some more, and all the girls accepted. [again, yawn]

AbandonashLEE is next. And she loves Sean. She is IN love with Sean. Like no other love before. Frankly, I'm a little concerned with how much she loves Sean. And when I say love I mean obsessed with.

AbandonashLEE and Sean are hanging out in a boat until they're taken to a cave and AbandonashLEE says, "I don't do caves." Who really does caves, AbandonashLEE? Cave dwellers?

So AbandonashLEE is about to have an anxiety attack about having to swim to this cave with Sean. She blathers on about trusting Sean and letting down brick walls and abandonment and comparing life and relationships to the dark cave and abandonment and letting Sean take the lead and abandonment.

They make it through the big dark cave, which looks like it was just a circular path in and out. Easy peasy. Must be an analogy for a relationship that AbandonashLee is sure to tell us about.

Later on AbandonashLEE asks Sean why he waited to get married and he talks about chasing a career and other not interesting things. AbandonashLEE says she's glad they both waited this long.

Wait a second! AbandonashLEE didn't wait, did she? She got married at seventeen. 

That doesn't stop her for letting Sean know her diamond preference and ring size. She's not presumptuous, y'all. It's because she has been abandoned in the past.

Catherine has the final date. What I think is interesting is that Sean is always referring to Catherine as his best friend, which could be foretelling. She admits she is pissed about how her sisters were with Sean. (Me, too!). Then they make out in the rain.

Sean asks Catherine where she sees them in five years. She says she's a traditional girl and sees them married, maybe with a kid. I find that Catherine and Sean seem to have more to talk about than any of the other girls.

Sean tells us he thinks he might know who his wife is and the three women make videos as a last ditch effort before the rose ceremony. AbandonashLEE cries which is just so unexpected.

The rose ceremony is short and stabby. As in AbandonashLEE gets stabbed in the heart when she IS NOT given a rose.

I think AbandonashLEE's reaction should go down in history as the most chilling reaction to going home of all Bachelor time. She bounced. She stared Sean down and walked out. He tried to chase after her and explain and in a shaky voice he plead his case. But she just stared at him, eyes a blazin', and said absolutely nothing. Not. A. Thing.

And just like that she was gone. Angry and gone.

Did someone say abandonment?

Week Eight
Death stare.


  1. Awesome recap! I'm worried for Sean - AbandonashLEE lives in Houston & he lives in Dallas - some serious stalker action could be happening right now. She had her crazy eyes on!
    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

    1. Uh oh! Sean better watch his back! She looked like a woman scorned!

      Thanks for stopping by! Off to check out your bloggy blog.

  2. Ashlee's look was beyond scary! I kept waiting for her to throw her good girl act aside and unleash on him!

    So you think he's going to pick Catherine? After her almost let her go the last couple of weeks? I don't know... I'm rooting for Lindsay!


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