REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Whole Soul Jewelry


Review & Giveaway: Whole Soul Jewelry


I was thinking to myself one day that I'd like to do a giveaway.

First, I thought, maybe I should do one to celebrate my first month blogiversary, which was around January 17th.

Then I thought, maybe I should do one to celebrate 100 "Likes" on the Momma Candy Facebook Page.

Or maybe I should do a give away because I reached my two month goal of 60 GFC followers early!

But, then I realized...

What better way to say thank you to everyone for reading and supporting my little space than by doing a Valentine's Day giveaway?

So with the help of Lisa over at Whole Soul Jewelry, I present this fabulous giveaway to you!


And not only was Lisa awesome enough to want to help launch this giveaway, she also allowed me the opportunity to review a piece of her jewelry.

I was all over that.

A few months ago, I was reading her blog and I saw the following collage.

I love love love personalized and meaningful jewelry. So after seeing this dainty, delicate little heart I knew I had to have.

I was thinking about scenarios in which I could get this out of the husband for Valentine's Day. The only thing I could come up with was, "Hey, Honey? Can I order this over the Internet?"

So romantic, right?

But then Lisa hooked a sister up and I fell in love with her!

{Sorry, Husband. That doesn't count for Valentine's Day.}

Okay, so I always get nervous about ordering things like this off the Internet because the pictures are so good online and I hype it up big time in my head.

When I received the package I eagerly tore into it hoping it was as amazing as I remembered from the pictures. It came in a little brown pouch and as I pulled it out I was head over heals about it.

I. Am. In. Love.

Whole Soul Jewelry

I love how delicate it is. I love how it sits right at my collar bone. I love how completely understated it is. And I have worn it almost every day since I got it. I want to sleep in it. But I wont.

On top of this great little necklace, Lisa and the Artisans at Whole Soul Jewelry also makes tons of other equally fabulous pieces.

And don't even get me started on the spoon jewelry.

Valentines Day Jewelry

I'm always a sucker for mommy jewelry.

I still love mine the best. And even though I'd like to think that everyone has the same fabulous taste as I do, Lisa was generous enough to offer a $50 gift certificate to Whole Soul Jewelry so you can pick out a Valentine's Day present for someone. Or for yourself, which is even better.

So, are you wondering what I had engraved?

review and giveaway

Review and Giveaway

It's M & S for Manny & Shauna. Usually it's ladies first with initials and monograms, but then it would say S & M.

Um, this is not a 50 Shades necklace, guys, and I don't want anyone trashing up my neck candy!

M & S looks pretty perfect to me.

Want one for yourself? Or maybe something for someone else?



  1. I'm leaving a comment cause I want that damn I love your wittiness - but I think you knew that already :)

    Lisa C.

  2. I love the circle of gold Mommy necklace, it's adorable and would look amazing with Rachel.Allison.Gabriella on it :)

    Jennifer Siegel Kistler

  3. I want the same one you have! L & K!!!! haha super funny about the S & M LOL!!

  4. I WANT I WANT I WANT....did you get that?! LOL! My fav is Hand Stamped Gold Birthstone Necklace. Gosh she has some pretty stuff!!!

  5. The entire silver spoon collection is to die for !! I love it!

  6. Love the celtic spoon ring. The mother-daughter necklace is lovely as well.

  7. Those spoon rings?! Amazing!! I might have to buy a few...especially the tulip and hazel rings. My Granny's name was Hazel. And the Abigail cuff bracelet. And the handwriting much to choose from! :)

  8. Ooh Shauna, this is pretty and dainty! I really like her Silver Spoon Jewelry - Hazel Spoon Ring. :)

  9. Love this jewelry! I must have it!!

    -Rebecca A.A.

  10. I want the envelope with the message necklace so bad!!

  11. Oh, they are all so lovely! It would be hard to choose. I adore anything personalized, monograms..even better!

  12. This is so unique:

  13. You had me at "Giveaway"!!! I love the golden heart pendant that you have, and I think that the mommy necklace is pretty awesome as well. Good luck ladies!

  14. Oh goodness goodness talk about temptation! I checked out the jewelry at and had a difficult time choosing a favorite, but I narrowed it down to make that four necklaces.

    Three are in the silver spoon collection, they are the butterfly, the colonial shell spoon, and the dragonfly.

    The last one and probably my favorite is the envelope with your message necklace.

    Fingers crossed I hope I win one would make deciding on the others to buy much easier!


  15. love the initial gold heart necklace

  16. So glad to have found your giveaway on the hop- we host one Friday if you'd like to link up too. New reader/follower. :)

  17. This is great stuff!! I love your gold heart necklace so much and I also love the envelope necklace that says I love you more (this is what I always say to my son every night)!


  18. Such a fun giveaway, I usually never enter, but I'm all over this! Thanks for checking out my blog, following back :) The Real McCoy(s)

  19. Cute giveaway! My fav really is the necklace you're giving away!

  20. I love the one you have & the Personalized Gold Initial Pendant!
    x Hilary
    hilary . l . adams @ gmail . com

  21. I want one! Please give it to me! Lol...By the way, I'm following you back from the fun friday blog hop :)


  22. Stopping by from the jewelry especially the heart initial necklace!! Super cute!

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  24. I would love to win this! There are a few items that I think my soon-to-be sister-in-law (was that too many hyphens?) would like for her birthday, specifically the owl pendant, ring or maybe 1 of the recycled glass items. Too many choices, lol!

  25. I like this one.

  26. There's so much to love, but I chose this right away, and I pinned it:

    Thanks for the chance.

  27. Hi, Shauna! I'd love to win, it's been SO long since i've gotten anything for myself!

    My favorites are the SPOON necklaces, especially the butterfly/bee/bird ones.
    Also love the mommy necklaces!


  28. I would love to win the gold heart necklace that you and Charlize Theron are featuring!!

    Fingers crossed,

  29. Happy Weekend. Time to visit and follow.
    Visit from Friday blog hop.
    I'm your new follower.
    Would be great if you stop by and link up your blog.
    Have a nice day.

  30. Hi there! I'm a new follower from the blog hop and would love a follow back at and on Pinterest! I follow back all of my Pinterest followers :)

  31. Thanks for the chance to win! Such a fun giveaway!

  32. Ok... you got me! I always read your entries and this jewelry is gorgeous =) You are awesome Shauna! =)
    ~Sarah (Mason's mommy)

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  34. I adore this one- the only concern I have is would I be able to add more "children" as time went on hmmm. You're fabulous Shauna!

  35. I love the Silver Spoon Jewelry - Hazel Spoon Ring

  36. I love the layered heart charm necklace! Such a cute website!!

  37. I love the spoon rings! I had one that my grandpa got me when I was younger and my grandma wears one all the time.

  38. I love the Diana spoon bracelet.
    Suzanne Hill

  39. I want the same adorable necklace you got- its gorgeous! :)


  41. Congrats on doing your first giveaway!! XO

  42. I love the necklace you're wearing. It's my favorite. :)


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