MOMMA CANDY of the Week!


Things That Made Me Happy

Have you ever had one of those weeks that is so heavy and so trying you can't even remember what you did Monday...Tuesday...Wednesday...I mean, did those days actually even happen? Did I get dressed? What's my name again?

Well, I'm ready to shake this week off already!

So, instead of dwelling on the craptastic, I decided to pick out everything that made me happy this week. Surprisingly enough, most of it involves sweet things. Is that really a surprise, though?

Welcome to my MOMMA CANDY of the week!

Let's set this week off right! My favorite local fast food to eat here is Eegees. They make a drink called an "eegee" that is the love child of a slushy and an Italian Ice. They come in strawberry, pina colada, and lemon year round and then they have a flavor of the month. This month is Pomegranate.

And then when it gets to my house, the flavor of the month becomes Pomegranate...with wine. Or rum. Whatever I have on hand.

This one came home with me today.

I also picked up a Valentine's Day themed jumbo bag of M&Ms. I picked them up for Lola's potty training bribe but I knew damn well I'd be snacking on these babies. And I did. Also, some of them are pink so they're extra awesome.

Oh, and I heard about these bad boys.

And I decided I had to try them immediately. They were so good I started laughing. That bag of Birthday Cake Oreos is empty, by the way.

Have you heard of the new FX show, Americans? I started watching it last night and it's pretty solid but definitely not for baby eye or ears. Somehow I forgot that the home of Nip Tuck could be worse than HBO. I was reminded.

Americans is set in the 80's so guess what Felicity Keri Russell sported in last night's premiere episode.

High waisted, Guess, mom jeans!

I cackled. And I took a picture with all the curiosity I'd have if I had seen a loose jaguar traipsing through my neighborhood. But the quality of this picture makes it look like I have one of those TVs from the 80's that has a wooden casing and sits on the floor. (I don't.)

I googled it and it seems everyone else noticed the mom jeans, but, alas, no better pictures. You can see the upside down triangle, right?

I end this first edition of this week's MOMMA CANDY with a new review that just arrived today! Squeeal!

This basket is filled with cookies, brownies, and muffins, y'all.


Can't wait to demolish review this baby.

What was your candy of the week?


  1. Birthday Cake Oreos???? I will have these. Tomorrow. Wii Tennis, Vodka and birthday cake oreos? Yes, yes, that will be happening.

  2. Hahahahaha, yes, that comment did come from busy wife, "healthy" life. Bahahahaha!

    1. Keepin it real, yo. Oreos are healthy. Not really.

  3. I got some of those Oreos, too. :) Hope next week is better!


    1. Aren't they good? Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. It all looks amazing! I broke in to the christmas chocolate big time...kinda regretting that......once I start I can't stop!

    xx Kelly

    1. I know! Once I fall of the wagon (which has recently happened) its hard to get back on!

  5. Birthday cake Oreos??? What the what!? I'm having a hard time imagining what they taste like but they sound awesome!

    1. Yes. Birthday Cake Oreos. And they're amazing! They taste like Oreos with birthday cake frosting in the middle. But better. Go get some now!

  6. I haven't tried birthday cake Oreos, but I'm intrigued.

  7. Gah! I want some Mrs. Field's cookies! Yummo! I am actually not the biggest fan of Eegees. haha!

  8. Wow. We are soul sisters today. Thanks for visiting. I'll be back as well.

  9. So the Birthday Cake Oreos were good? I saw them but didn't try them, because the candy cane ones were so revolting. I'm still not sure why - I love candy cane ice cream and chocolate bark, but for some reason it was just not good in Oreo form.

  10. Hey! I just nominated you for the Leibster Award! Please visit my blog to get more details. :)

  11. I need to know about these birthday cake oreo cookies. but then again, I do not. only 15lbs of baby weight left to lose!!! those oreos would put me at 20 haha



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