The Facts of Me


Today I'm linking up with Whitney from the super funny I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.

So I get to enlighten you all with random facts about me! You are welcome.

FACT: I spray tan during the summer and I love it. It's the only way I'll ever truly be tan. I have white, pasty, Irish, see-through, flammable skin. And unless I grow an affinity to skin cancer, I gotta pass on baking my skin. I still love to lay in the sun. But I do it with SPF 45 or something. And then I spray tan. Isn't it orange? - you ask. Sometimes, but I still rock it.

FACT: I hate bees with a fiery passion. I've only been stung a hand full of times but that's enough to nurture hatred in me. I'm not allergic or anything and I know they're helpful to the environment and growing things and whatever but I hate them. I don't want them near me. They're nosey. They want to know what I'm drinking. Back off, Bees!

3. FACT: I used to salsa dance and I miss it terribly. In my previous life (life before husband and kids) I used to salsa dance. Pretty much every weekend. But taking care of a husband, kids, and a household doesn't leave much room for that. Enter Dancing With the Stars. My guilty pleasure.

FACT: I have hair issues. My hair is curly. And thin. It's awful and I hate it. People will ask me, "Why don't you wear it curly?" And then I do and they're all like, "What's going on with your hair?" I straighten it every day. I've been obsessed with my hair since I was little because I used to get teased about it. I dye, flat iron, cut, tease, hairspray, and bleach the crap out of it. I don't even know what to do with it now. So I'm not doing anything but having fun playing with extensions! Everybody's doin' it!

FACT: I love flavored popcorn. I eat popcorn how it was probably never intended. With cheese dust and Red Devil. Super healthy, right? My mom used to make it with Brewer's yeast and soy sauce. Yeah, caramel and kettle corn are good but I like a spicy popcorn. I might eat a whole bag right now.

FACT: I love strong coffee. In fact, decaf makes me stabby. It's just as useful as a white tattoo. What's the point? I have a cup of Green Mountain Coffee Company Dark Magic twice a day. It's no joke.

FACT: I love tattoos. I got my first one - a blackbird on the inside of my wrist for my son - a year and a half ago as a mother's day present from hubby. Now I have five. And I'm planning to get more. This is my latest one I got in August of last year. It's my favorite and it hurt like a bitch.

Momma Candy

 FACT: Footloose still gives me goosebumps. I grew up with this movie and as I've become an adult I've realized how ridiculous this movie is. Still! Isn't it the best?!

FACT: I love baking and I'll force you to taste what I bake. Ask my aunt. She's my next door neighbor. Or ask my husband as I'm force feeding him my latest brownie venture.

FACT: I got my license when I was 15. I lived in Hawaii for three years as a teenager and at the time someone could get their permit and license on their fifteenth birthday. That's just trouble.

FACT: I wear fake nails. I'm not a fan of my hands and when I wear acrylics I feel fancy. At least I feel dressed up when I'm wearing yoga pants and have no make up on. I almost named this blog "Mom With the Fake Nails." But if I ever stopped wearing them that name wouldn't really work. Now you know I'm all smoke and mirrors.

FACT: I named my daughter after a sea turtle in Key West. I was pregnant with my daughter and we visited my dad in Key West. We went to an aquarium with rescued animals and one of the tanks held two sea turtles. One of the sea turtles had a gimpy little fin because it had been caught in fishing wire. And her name was LOLA! I knew it right away. That would be my daughter's name. Lola Magdalene was born six months later.

Off to bake some chocolate chip cookies!

Edited to add:

It's been over twenty-four hours and I've thought about a few more things.

I call myself a coffin sleeper because I go to sleep flat on my back and wake up that way with little to no movement. As if I was in a coffin. Morbid much?

I have a fear of tidal waves and have had reoccurring dreams about them since I was a teenager. It used to be all waves above 2 feet but then I made myself stand at a wave break and let the waves hit me over and over again and I got over it. Kind of.

When I was twelve I went on a skiing trip. I thought I knew what I was doing and went racing down the mountain. I tried to plow but hit a drift and flipped. My skis flew off, hit me in the eye, and I was there alone without my parents or anyone. I got a black eye and bruised the bridge of my nose. I still have a tiny scar and haven't been skiing since. Mostly on purpose.

Okay, I think that's it.


  1. OMG, yes YES YES YES YES to hating bees!! I freak out if I see a bee. Freak. OUT. I was stung for the first time in my life last year and I screamed bloody murder and cried like a baby for ten minutes.
    I'm SO with you on flavored popcorn! I love adding the cheese dust whatchamacallit stuff.
    And, I love tattoos as well! But, I only have one - if we could afford it and if I could make up my freaking mind about what I want, I'd probably have 10+!

    P.S. I love love love your daughter's name! When I was little, I used to always name my babies Lola, because I loved Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes!

    1. I freak up, too! It's really borderline ridiculous. Glad you understood what I meant by cheese dust!

      Awwww! Lola Bunny!

  2. I loved reading about the fact you used to salsa dance! Maybe it's time to get back into that? Hah ;) Loved reading your facts!

  3. I've never spray tanned or seen Footloose. I think I'm missing out in life!

    1. Well, it's time to see Footloose, at least!

  4. I love how Lola got her name!

    My hair is straight in the front and super crimpy in the back and it will not straighten for anything. On a good day I can blow it out straight but otherwise I have to use the hot rollers. Such a pita. Anyways, I can't believe you got teased about it, that's awful.

    Also, I don't think I've ever seen Footloose *hides*

    1. Oh, hair issues! They haunt me! She people in grade school get teased because of their weight, some because of their nose or ears. For me - it was hair! Now I'm obsessed! Isn't that how it works?

      Go watch Footloose and try not to laugh!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I am obsessed with extra bold, dark roast coffee. I've been using the Tully's Italian Roast lately. I can't do any watered down coffee. Dunkin Donuts is the spawn of satan in my eyes haha

    1. Starbucks is even too weak for me! I'm an addict!

      Thanks for visiting back!

  6. I love this post, great writing! You should drag your hubby out for a night of salsa and I love the name Lola!

    xx kelly

    1. I should drag him out but we usually end up just going to eat sushi. Ad then we're too full. Did someone say old and married?

  7. Yes! I'm very very pale...I used to fake bake all the time and I do miss my tan but skin cancer is totally not worth it... I spray tan when I have weddings to go too or I'm feeling especially pasty...

    1. Welcome, fellow pale lady! And, you know between spray tans I use Loreal Sublime self tanner. I would literally rather be orange than pasty white. Makes my extra 5 pounds look better, too!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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