The Bachelor: Freefalling, Punking, and Romance Novel Covers

The Bachelor was on tonight!

I needed some distraction from this crazy long day and The Bachelor delivered.

Tonight two ladies got one on one dates with Sean so they could woo him with their womanly ways without the fear of an inebriated house sister stumbling along to steal him away.

The first solo date went to Sara - the girl who was born with one arm. She was whisked away in a helicopter with the jealous on-lookers cheering sneering her on.

Why do these women act like they've never seen a helicopter before?

Sara's date consisted of free falling from the top of a building. There's something not quite right about a woman with only one arm being made to fall from a building. I mean, I find something not quite right with me jumping off a building and free falling and I have both my arms.

But there is a moral to this story and that's that Sean accepts her differences and Sara doesn't let anything stop her, despite her disability.

Rock on, Girlfriend. Sean, you're alright.

The other solo date went to Desiree. Her date looked like the love child of Punked and The Bachelor. Poor Desiree was tricked into thinking she broke an expensive piece of gallery art, while the host and Sean laughed and pointed at her. True love budding.

But then Sean redeemed himself by cooking her dinner, followed by a swimming pool jaunt, and...wait for it....a rose! Desiree accepted, of course. At first Desiree reminded me of Zoey Deschanel and for that reason, I didn't like her. Not because I don't like Zoey Deschanel, but because there can only be one. But now I like Desiree and I like her with Sean. I'm sensing a favorite!

Then came the group date. These are always a bowl of fun. This group date required everyone to dress up as romance novel book cover characters. A few girls had chemistry, but one girl, Kristy, won the competition. Oh, yeah, there was a competition. And Kristy is a model. So she should win. Otherwise she's not very good at her day job. But she did win and she was super happy. A little too happy.

There was kissing, some dirty looks, and a lot of wine tonight. By the time the rose ceremony rolled around we had our token drunk girl and tonight it was Daniella's turn. I love when chicks get drunk the night of the rose ceremony.

Tonight we learned there is a new villain emerging, her name is Amanda, and her favorite color is blinding yellow. She's also moody and can apparently only hear Sean when he's talking to her because she doesn't seem to respond when any of the other girls talk to her. Strange.

I have to say I was very disappointed we didn't get to see more of Tierra. The parts we did see showed us clearly that her unraveling has begun and her crazy is starting to show. Momma wants more!

Favorite quote of the night!

Wedding Dress Girl: "I feel like the last time I walked through this door I was in a wedding dress."

Sean: "That's because last time you walked through that door you were in a wedding dress."

Bachelor logic, Ladies and Gentlement.

And I got to talk more about The Bachelor on The Morning Blend today! Check it out...


  1. Thanks for your wonderful posts. I don't really watch The Bachelor...besides this is far more entertaining then the real deal! I love to get your rendition of the nights events! As always, kudos!!!

  2. Thanks, Alicia! And thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh the Bachelor. The crazy drama that it is. I think Sean is the biggest sweetheart - I really hope he ends up with his perfect girl.

  4. Me, too! But watching this "courting" ritual is so much fun!

  5. Leslie M. reminds me of the girl on swimfan. Amanda is insane...and needs powder. producers probably told him to keep her around for drama. desiree is my fav. and some of these girls need to make themselves more memorable! Jmo

  6. I see Swimfan! It's the girl who is now on Parenthood! I want to see what Amanda develops into, I mean besides her messy hair. She kind of came out of the blue. I think some of the girls will step it up. They're already getting desperate!


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