Review: Shari's Berries

Want to know what Momma Candy looks like... that happened.

When I was asked if I'd like to review Shari's Berries, I was like - Wait. Is that a trick question? Because, obviously, the answer is YES!
And I bet if you read my last post you're probably thinking - Wait, didn't she just do a review about a body wrap that's supposed to make you LOSE inches? And now this chick is teasing us with scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries???

Yes. Loosing inches one day and chocolate covered strawberries the next.

It's just how I roll.

Back to the chocolate covered strawberries...

I ordered from the Shari's Berries website page with ideas about what to get the husband for Valentine's Day.  I regularly try to do something for my hubby on Valentine's Day so this page was perfect to try out everything Shari's Berries has to offer.

I mean, men don't really get all worked up over a dozen roses. So what do you get for the husband for Valentine's Day?

I found it!

I ordered a half dozen fancy chocolate covered strawberries and...his favorite...cheesecake! It was a trio of mini cheesecakes and it would be perfect for a husband who loves cheesecake. I'll take the strawberries.

Cheesecake Trio and Full Half Dozen Fancy Strawberries

But these weren't just any old chocolate dipped strawberries. They were "fancy." Which means they were dipped and included combinations of milk chocolate and crushed almonds, dark chocolate and mini chocolate chips, and a swizzle of dark and white chocolate.

They were divine.

Everyone loved them!

But then, there were the cheesecakes.

Sweet mother.

They were so rich, so dense, and so decadent.

Yes, you see that right. That's a Rocky Road cheesecake, accompanied by a classic New York cheesecake and a white chocolate cheesecake.

Just so you know what they look like inside.

You're welcome.

With Valentine's Day coming up, an order of fancy chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecakes could be sent to pretty much anybody that you love, not just the husband.

And since we're on the subject of husbands, I think he preferred the strawberries over the cheesecakes (which I got because they're his supposed favorite). While I preferred the cheesecakes, surprisingly!

Everything arrived fresh and pretty close to perfect.

Shari's Berries chocolate dipped strawberries and cheesecakes are such a great idea for the husband, the wife, best friends, mom, dad, basically anyone who loves chocolate!

If you'd like to order from Shari's Berries, click on this link, for coupon codes.

And if you want to order chocolate covered strawberries and cheesecake for yourself, I won't judge.

I was in no way paid or monitarily compensated to review the above mentioned products. I was simply given the opportunity to try a complimentary product from 


  1. These sound yummy. If I didn't have boxes and boxes of chocolates from Christmas I would pick up some. Filed this away for a later time!

    1. Definitely keep these in mind as a gift for someone or for yourself!

  2. WOW, they sure look yummy!


    1. They are really good! And they look just like the picture! Taste even better!

  3. Mmm, those look AMAZING. I totally should order some for my husband for Valentine's Day! Or for me... When it comes to chocolate, I'm no good at sharing.

    I saw you on MBC and came over to follow. Love your cute blog! :)


    1. Ha ha! That's crazy I was just commenting on your blog about how much I love it!

  4. Oh man, my mouth is watering now. These look scrumptious.


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