Candy and Clearance Make Momma Happy

Aggravations and Silver Linings

Candy and Clearance Make Momma Happy

I was all set out to talk about things that aggravated me this week.

But, as I was looking through my pictures, I realized that I had some silver linings that were born from my aggravations.

Aggravation: The potty training regression debacle.

Silver Lining: I got a lot of great feedback from everyone, including new visitors! Starting over with sugared up rewards for going potty seems to be working. And, we now have candy in the house (some of which, maybe, I've eaten). BONUS! Oh yeah, and the baby girl was dry today. So far, all day. DOUBLE BONUS!

Aggravation: For a myriad of reasons, I was home bound pretty much all of last week.

Silver Lining: I finally got a few hours to get out of the house by myself! When I do get a few hours to myself, I browse. I love browsing. I love going to Target or Kohl's or wherever, sweet and strong coffee concoction in hand, and browse. I try on clothes I probably won't buy. I look at things I could put on walls. And with no kids, it's peaceful, I'm content, it's fabulous.

And look what I picked up at Kohl's!


Marked down to $5.99, LOVE can come live at my house.

But, wait! When I got to the register it was marked down even further. I only paid like $4.50 for it. Score!

Aggravation: Target's dressing room double mirror hell. As much as I love Target, they have to have the most awful, unflattering, horrific dressing rooms of all time. There's a mirror in front - and the worst part - there's a mirror in back! Yikes. I did not want to see all that. A Target dressing room can single handedly make me want to go on a diet, ditch my entire wardrobe, and change everything about my hair in one visit. Damn you, Target dressing room!

Silver Lining: I got cheetah print shoes on clearance for $8.98!!!


How could I not buy these for $8.98?!

So I bought them.

 Now, I don't know who I think I am. I don't know where I'll wear them. Probably to the kitchen or something. For that price, though, I couldn't pass these babies up! It made me happy, further fueling my affinity for anything and everything cheetah print.

Here's to a new week full of more silver linings than aggravations!

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  1. I love these shoes. Every time I go to target, I try them on then put them back. If I had seen them for that price I would have got them for sure! Found you on the January Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower.

    1. Aren't they awesome! I had been eyeing them forever, too, and thought there was no way I'd get them. But for $9, they're mine!

      Thanks for to checkout your blog!

  2. I can't believe those are from Target! I love Target. :)

    1. Yes, from Target! Sometimes I get the best finds there! Makes up for the bad dressing rooms.

  3. just kick your feet up with them on and admire them. :) I'd break my neck in those things. They're definitely you though. I can totally see you wearing them!

  4. It's funny that Kim said that because I've done the SAME thing, numerous times! That is the ONE pair of high heels I always try on but never buy!
    I do not wear heels.
    I do not own even one pair.
    But, I WANT THOSE! So pretty!

    I love the 'Love Lives Here' sign, too! I'm obsessed with wall signs!

    1. The heels I just had to have. They seem so outrageous I couldn't pass them up!

      Love that wall sign. I want to put it in the middle of a photo collage. Stay tuned...

  5. Ahh you got those heels for cheap! I added them to Polyvore a few weeks ago bc I thought they were cute. I should go get them :)

    Thanks for linking up and the sweet comment about the blog hop. So happy to have you!! I'm your newest follower.

    1. Go get 'me!

      I love polyvore, btw!

      Thanks for following!


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