We can pickle that!

It has begun!

Now that I've moved passed that awkward first date post I can post about anything I want!

And tonight I'd like to talk about pickles.

But FIRST I have to mention Market On the Move (MOM). I'm going to be completely honest and say I don't quite understand it. What I do know is that for a $10 donation, we get 60 pounds of produce! I've done it twice now and it's a ca-razy deal. And the produce quality is actually really good. I've participated in a food co-op before and I'm sticking with MOM.

So this time we got a ton of zucchinis and another ton of pickling cucumbers. When I say a ton I mean a case each!

What's a girl to do with a case of pickling cucumbers?

We can pickle that!

No, really. We pickled them.

For realzies.

It was actually more the hubby who read the directions and pickled everything. I just chopped and stuffed the jars and watched him. Because I'm supportive like that.

We made twelve jars of pickles, half dill (Yum!) and half bread and butter (not my scene, bro). We also added garlic, onions, and chili paste to mix it up a little.

We used the Mrs. Wages dill pickle mix and followed the directions on the back.  

For the Bread and Butter pickles we used the Ball Bread and Butter mix.

Just follow the directions on the back! Or have your husband do it and be supportive like me and watch.

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