Sharing the Candy.

I'm starting a new blog!

Just what the world needs - another mommy blog, right?!

I've been blogging going on four years now at It's a blog about my son, Christian, who suffered a near drowning at eleven months old.

This is my Chrissy-Poo. Isn't he beautiful?

It started out as a way to let everyone know how Christian was doing without having to repeat it over and over again.

It turned into a lot more.

Over time it became the story of Christian and our family in our journey coming up out of the ashes and creating a new normal.

And now we're pretty normal...well, normalish.

About a year after I started blogging about Christian, I started another blog because I wanted to talk about everyone in our family. I wanted to talk about my daughter's birthday, making peanut butter cup S'mores with my oldest son, just everyday stuff. But I quickly found that my everyday stuff was still deeply intertwined with my journey with Christian. There was no separation. Everything revolved around our journey and it was very hard to separate where I ended and he started. I didn't keep up with that blog.

So after Christian's accident and then having another a baby months afterward, it took some time to get my feet under me and stand up tall, not only as a mother, but as a woman who likes things again! Better yet, a woman who likes things that may not be related to child rearing like booze. Wait, maybe that is related to child rearing.

I kid.

I also found that I really love writing. Like really, as in, a lot.

After all the blogging about my son and a stint blogging for Dancing With the Stars, I decided I wanted to start writing about fun stuff!

Courtesy of Laura Kitell

I like talking, I like sharing, and my three kids aren't terribly interested in my love for the Real Housewives franchise. Nor are they very interested in my latest attempted recipe from Pinterest. Being a stay at home mom, adult interaction around these parts is a bit sparse.

Enter Momma Candy.

I not only love almost any reality TV show ending in "Wives," strong coffee, and tattoos, but I also love candy. I always have and I probably always will.

This blog is my candy and I'm ready to share.

Sour Patch of my faves!


  1. I'm in :)
    Always love reading your posts on Christian'sJourney, so I'm excited to read more!

  2. Thank you! I'm excited about it, too! Thanks for reading!

  3. How exciting Shauna! I love sour patch kids too! So excited to read and add you to my blog roll! Normalish must be awesome. So proud of you!


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