R.I.P. Jersey Shore!

Something terribly important happened last night, guys.

Cue the fist pump.

It was the series finale of Jersey Shore! The last show ever. I mean, there are spin offs and I'm sure it's not the last you'll see of the Jersey Shore cast but as for the shore house, the board walk, the rooming for the summer, that's all done.

I know. You're devastated.

Jersey Shore was one of those shows people in social settings, work, parties would talk down about while setting their DVR's to record every episode. Everyone, even the President, knows who Snooki is.

I remember the first time ever watching Jersey Shore with MTV's two hour introduction premiere. It was like watching an African tribe and their rituals and practices. A completely different subculture of America - I'm sure an exaggerated version, but still - and I couldn't stop watching! Neither could millions of others. It was a phenomenon that gave birth to Halloween costumes and hairdos.

But America, and when I say America I'm including myself, has a short attention span. Drunken Guido fights and all night club binging can only hold that attention span for so long. The Jersey kids had to grow up and so it is over.

Remember them?

No more GTLing, no more Snooki poof, no more talks of the smush room, Paulie D's "The cabs ah heeyah!," fist pumps, Sam and Ron fights, or Shore Store.

I know a lot of people think this show was trash but Jersey Shore was a little bit of Momma Candy for me. And it's so ironic that it will go down in history as a show that was not only just good fun, but also a great memory of the Jersey Shore before it was pummeled by a hurricane.

R.I.P. Jersey Shore!

Coincidentally, I was rockin' a Snooki poof today. That's where I hide my Sour Patch Kids.


  1. I had no idea that Jersey Shore was off the air. It's time has passed, I guess.
    AWESOME poof. Well done!!

    1. I know! It kind of came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. And, thanks, I worked hard on that poof. Not really. But I still dig it.

  2. "That's where I hide my Sour Patch Kids" - BWAHAHA! Love it.

    Found you through the SITS girls and you made me laugh so I'm a new follower :) You can find me at http://inthetesseract.blogspot.ca


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