DIY Vanity: Chalk Paint is my friend.

DIY Vanity: Chalk Paint is my friend.

I seriously love a DIY project. I love it with my whole heart. Especially, ESPECIALLY if it's super easy and doesn't cost me a lot of money or time.

So with my current little business I've accumulated quite the stash of makeup and beauty products. And it just kept growing and growing and growing. My makeup station was taking over my small bathroom. There was bronzer dust on the sink and eye liner on the shower door where I had dropped it in the middle of an attempted winged eye. It was all very dramatic.

I finally determined I wanted a vanity. I needed a vanity. I've always fantasized about having one since I was a little girl. So the prospect of actually having one of my own was super exciting. I get excited by little things and I'm not sorry about it.

So then my husband was all, "Hey, I'm getting rid of this white wash, wannabe south western, module desk." (I might be adding in details.) And so I was all, "Hell, yeah! Chalk paint here I come!"

I had never even used chalk paint. But off I went on a quest for chalk paint. I picked out some charcoal chalk paint at Michael's and also found out that you don't even really have to prep furniture when you chalk paint it. The one thing that keeps me from painting ALL THE THINGS is the fact that I have to sand and prep and sand and prep whatever needs painting. And that's enough for me to forget the whole thing.

Not chalk paint. Chalk paint understands.

I was also hypnotized by the Martha Stewart collection of stencils so I caved on that, too. I also got some coral glass knobs from Homegoods. Oh, and a Sleeping Beauty mirror. It was rather essential considering that I already ask my bathroom mirror Who is the fairest of them all? She always says me.

So here's the desk. Isn't it lovely?

DIY desk chalk paint

And by lovely, I mean boring and drab and hideous.

DIY chalk paint

Then painting happened. Then sanding to make it look all antiqued. And then the blessed Martha Stewart stenciling.

charcoal chalk paint stencil

It moves in.

DIY Vanity Desk chalk paint stencil

But wait! We need a chair! All chairs that I want cost over $100. What about that chair hanging out in the garage? That'll do.

For Mother's Day, husband got me a window panel with this print specifically for reupholstering this chair. I don't know if he understood he'd be doing the reupholstering. (Thanks, Honey!)

And this is what we ended up with!

DIY Vanity

I'm ridiculously happy with it. I probably spent around $75 for this DIY project and most of that is in the mirror. I love it, I love it, I love it! I mean, it's practically a business NECESSITY, guys.

I Never Thought I Could Do This.

I never thought I'd be in direct sales or multi level marketing. Never.

I mean, sure, I've been to my share of makeup, makeover, jewelry, cooking, and romance parties. And sometimes...SOMETIMES I'd think to myself - I wonder if I could ever do something like this. And then I gave myself a bunch of reasons and excuses why I just couldn't possibly and that was that.

I've told the story before but just briefly, I was a teen mom, I graduated high school, went straight to college and graduated from a university ten years ago. I went to college because what else was I going to do? I think I grew up during a time and culture where that was just what you do. It was engrained. That was the next step. I don't regret it one bit. But I also wasn't being very true to what my life dream was first and foremost - having a family and raising it.

I could never say that out loud. I also grew up in a time where aspirations of being "just a housewife" were unpopular. Nobody wanted to do that. Are you crazy?! Except I did. That's what I wanted.

So I went to college - some of the funnest times of my life. And then I got a job and I was like Woah! This 40 hours thing kind of sucks. I want my part time jobs back!

But this is what you went to college for, Shauna. No more part time jobs. It's time to work 40 hours a week. Or more! Yes, you have a seven year old. But so do a lot of people. Time to work!

So I was off working. I changed jobs about every year. As soon as I found something better with a better schedule with better pay that was closer that was more meaningful...but really I was getting bored after six months on the job and then figuring out a way to move on.

I had great jobs and worked with great people. Don't get me wrong. But there was always something pulling at me. Something that told me there was more.

Fast forward to now and a total of three kids - one going into his senior year and one starting her first year in kindergarten. Over the last seven years or so I've had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom for most of it. But I started working in the evenings at a gym almost two years ago. After the magical six month mark I started getting antsy again. There must be more than this! 

More what? Who knows? For who? Me? It was nagging.

And then I attended an online party. And I was smitten. Smitten with the product. Smitten with the prospect of doing my own thing, having my own business, and I think it was then that I fell in love.

Actually, I think I might have fallen in love with this industry after I started building my team. No, wait. I think I fell in love when my life started to change. Then I fell in love when I saw the lives of others change. But I fell in love with this industry again when I learned that I wasn't alone. When you build a team, there's no competition. Which, at first, was hard for me to grasp being a somewhat competitive person. (The fun and friendly competitive type, not the crazy psycho mean competitive type.) But when I finally understood the support of a team, it hit me like a ton of bricks. So THIS is what female empowerment and support feels like. It exists! And it's right here!

But if I'm being 100% honest, I truly fell in love with this industry when I was able to leave my part time job and work my company full time. On MY time. 

I'll get back to the whole concept of MY time in a sec.

I've been doing this whole Direct Sales/MLM with an awesome company for 10 months. And I haven't been bored once. I've never been antsy. There's this strange drive I've never had before. I'm not looking for something better. I just want to make myself better, I want to help my team, I want to make my company better! 

I used to think I could never do something like this, but now I feel like I couldn't do anything else. Nothing else fits my life, my goals, or my family better than this!

Now, let's talk about time. Time is the commodity that means the most here. I am in charge of my own time. I don't answer to anyone. I work when I want and how I want. This is called freedom and it's better than money. I mean, money is important. But being in charge of your own time is priceless. Having the freedom to create your own day, decide where your time is spent, that's something I can't see happening anywhere else! I'm available for school recitals, dance class, sick days, I didn't have to find child care for the summer or frantically search for a summer camp. We're going to spend the whole summer hanging out, going on a few vacations, whatever we want!

I never would have thought I'd be here or that I'd love this so much. And where I thought I'd never do this, now I can't imagine doing anything else!

Why I Stopped Blogging.

Why I Stopped Blogging.

I know. I haven't blogged in a while. State the obvious, why don't I.

Well, a big huge reason is that I've been really busy building my little business. I happily eat, sleep, and breath my business. You know, between kids, therapies, appointments, making dinner, seeing other human beings, team when I have a spare hour or two after everyone is in bed if I'm not working, I'm plopping myself in front of my DVR to catch up on everything BravoTV. 

Something has gotta give so I've given up cleaning my house. And exercising. And blogging. 

It's not absolute. Those are just the things that kind of got swept to the side. BUT I did start running again this week, I cleaned my house today (kind of), and here I am. Blogging it out. 

So why did I stop blogging? I think the biggest reason by far is that I was just OVER IT. If you've read anything on this blog you know I have strong opinions. And writing a controversial post with a strong opinion is fun and all because it gets lots of traffic and comments but it also brings a lot of drama and "discussion," which isn't really discussion but rather arguments. I used to be feistier, believe it or not. In my twenties I'd go toe to toe, round for round and at the end walk away not thinking anything about it.

But now it bothers me. The drama really affects me and I think about. Sometimes for days. And it's the worst when I've offended someone I love or hurt someone I care about. That actually happened a few times. I got a couple of "Was that about me?" questions. It was right around that time that I just lost my taste for it. 

I guess I should clarify that not all blogging is like this. But the type of blogging - this snarky mom blogging - that I was falling into was what had to go. When I stopped doing it and got involved with a lot more positive happenings I realized how much of it was around on social media. Whether it's called a blog post or an "online article" every frickin' day there is some type of parent shaming article. 

Things not to say to your toddler.
Ways not to ruin your kid's life.
Stop telling me to hate my child.
Stop panicking about your kid getting stolen.
Start panicking about your kid getting stolen. 

They should really all just be called You're not doing it right.

Every post was about someone out there and I just didn't give a crap anymore! And I was rolling my eyes at all these lists and this parenting "advice" from other parents who are blogging or complaining or whatever you want to call it. So I just stopped reading.

And I've been in a seek out the positive kind of way so I started turning away. 

"But Shauna," you say, "you have written stuff just as snarky and opinionated! You're kind of doing it right now."

Yes. You are absolutely right. And I was and am over myself. Those conversations I'm saving for close friends and wine and no longer projecting it to anyone who reads.

And then there was the end of last year bleeding into the beginning of this year. Two significant and totally unrelated relationships in my life abruptly and kind of dramatically ended. And it felt like a death. But an angry death. Meaning I was angry. I consider writing an honesty exercise for me. It's what's true for me. And if I was writing angry I was afraid I couldn't contain it and I'd end up voicing very strong opinions about both situations. Not positive or progressive AT ALL. So not writing became an exercise in silence and being still. There's a time to stand up for yourself but there's also a time to let it marinate and ultimately let it be.

With the demise of those relationships came some self reflection. (Yay!) I'm seeking to go in a direction where I'm surrounding myself with positive influences and positive relationships. And those situations didn't really fit that goal, no matter how painful it was to let them go. 

For the record I'm not talking about my husband. So don't get all worried. We just went on our annual Vegas trip. We're fine and dandy.

So, if you see me on Facebook, I'm actively seeking out the positive. Speaking of which, I'm redoing a desk and turning it into a vanity. I even used....wait for it...chalk paint. Well, paint me Pinterest! And I thought, hey, this would be fun to blog about! I do love me a craft project. And then I got the guts to blog again.

So here I am. Getting ready to blog about my fun vanity creation. Maybe a recipe. Makeup tutorials? And maybe other things. 

But for now, hello again.

Working Mom v. Stay at Home Mom v. Work at Home Mom - I get it now.

Working Mom v. Stay at Home Mom v. Work at Home Mom - 

I get it now.

Wow. Even seeing this blank screen was intimidating.

I took a break. From just writing, in general. Too much going on, too many balls in the air, and I was also, if I'm being honest, feeling a little over-exposed. I know, I know. Miss Facebook was feeling over-exposed? Yes. The blog is where I was showing EVERYTHING. Facebook sees a part of me. But writing shows all of me. And I was offending people and the "all of me" was scrutinized so I had to step away for a sec.

Now I'm back again! Ready to offend everyone! Kidding. I'm actually back to write again, maybe about some different things, my new business, but mostly about work at home mom life. I've now had time to let my thoughts organize. I need to sit with things and let them marinate before I really know how I feel about it.

So where was I? I decided to take on a big girl job. I mean it wasn't a BIG big girl job where I worked 9-5 (shudder), but I worked outside of the house, part time, during the day. Sounds easy, right?

No. Just no.

I have a new found respect for working moms and maybe this last six month working outside the home experience opened my eyes a little. See, I used to judge working moms. You're shocked, I know. In my early years as a mom, and I can say this because I've been a mom for almost 17 years now, I judged harshly. Not just working moms, all moms. Which was ironic because I was a teen mom, constantly judged. You give it and you take it, I guess.

I never wanted to be a "working mom." I wanted to be a stay at home mom ALWAYS. Yes, I'm college educated, I have a degree, I loved my college years (LOVED them), but I was never really married to the idea of something I truly and deeply wanted to be other than a mom.

I worked full time after college but when I had my two younger children life worked itself out so that I could work at home or not work at all. I shouldn't say "life worked itself out" because some of the circumstances were so tragic that working outside the house wasn't an option. But that's another story.

So I thought it was time. I got a real day job outside the home. Kids in school or at the sitter's. All would be fine. Except it wasn't. My brain couldn't function. There are only so many tabs I can keep open on my browser and I started to HATE working. I hated looking for sitters. I hated getting up and getting ready for work. I hated making dinner. I hated going grocery shopping. All of the sudden what was once so easy - meal planning and grocery shopping - became this massive, arduous chore. And toward the end of my little six month experience, which was this last December, with all the forgotten Christmas shopping and kids on break from school I had forgotten to prepare Christmas gifts for my son's teachers and therapists.

{Gasp!} I know.

I know that doesn't seem huge. I know that sounds trivial. But to me, it was a breaking point. I wasn't being the mom I wanted to be. I was a mom who prepared cake pop baskets and instagrammed and facebooked that ish everywhere. I didn't forget to thank the teachers. But it became this task that I dreaded. I dreaded Christmas shopping, I dreaded making dinner, I hadn't baked anything in months (and if you know me, you know baking makes me happy), I stopped enjoying a drink because it would just make me tired and anxious (and if you know me, you know I like my wine), I couldn't find joy in anything and I couldn't take a breath to enjoy or be present in anything. I was miserable.

Then I thought - HOW DO PARENTS EVEN WORK???

Now here's the disclaimer - I have a son with very involved special needs. Obvi, I can't just find any ol' sitter for him. I also had to make sure I was home by the time the bus rolled in, which seemed to change a lot so I had to be home for him even earlier. He also has multiple appointments and therapies, add to that a medication debacle that would make any sane person crazy for the last probably 8 months, and I just couldn't.

I'm not complaining about our life. He and his needs are not the burden here. My working outside of the home was.

Luckily, I've had a side business going since right before starting the job I just left so that made it possible to come back home. I can work from home and take my daughter to ballet and go to my son's award ceremony and take my older son to his doctor's appointments - all on our time and without having to check in or make arrangements with anyone.

I know, I probably sounds like a big ol' baby. I probably am. I am  a lot a little spoiled. I'm not really into settling. And if something isn't working, if something is sucking the ever-loving joy out of my life I'm going to seek the way to change it. I'm seeking to love my life, not just survive it.

So hats off to the working moms. I know it's hard. I KNOW that now. And not just the being everywhere all the time thing. But mentally, just getting the kids ready, out the door, to the destination, the commute to work, the long (or short) days applying your mental capacity and creativity to others, the commute home, the what to make for dinner, the bath time, the bedtime, the sickness, the sitters, the school breaks, the assemblies you can't make, and, believe me, I totally get why there's a push to get the overachiever moms to just stop. It's exhausting. Too many browser tabs. It's deflating. It can be downright joy-sucking.

To my working mom friends - I love you! You are amazing! You are doing it all with mascara and heels! To the stay at home moms - I love you! You are doing it all with mascara and yoga pants (just me?)!

Onward and upward, Momma friends! Ballet and mascara awaits!

Ramblings About Makeup That Made Me Cry

Ramblings About Makeup That Made Me Cry

But not smudged black tears because I'm wearing my magical makeup.

It's amazing how much life can change in just a short, hot summer.

All good things. All good things.

It's also amazing how one experience can lead you to another experience. And that experience can lead to another experience. And during said experience you think you're failing horribly but you're actually progressing in a way that was meant for you. Progressing in a way that is shaping things to come and at the time you don't even see it. You don't even know it. But the journey is seamless as if it knows exactly what it's doing, all the while keeping you in the dark until the grand reveal.

I think I'm on kind of a journey, guys. 

I started this blog a year and a half ago. And then I started this makeup biz with Younique a month ago. Prior to becoming a Younique presenter I had a blog post in mind that was never written. It was right around the time that women, mostly bloggers, were bravely posting their no makeup face for cancer awareness. I say bravely with half snark and half sincerity. 

Snark because how brave is it to post a picture of yourself with no makeup (but make sure you use a sweet filter and low lighting) to promote cancer awareness? You know what's brave? Surviving chemo. Losing all of your hair and going out in public with your head held high. That's brave. And was it even to promote cancer awareness? Or another chance to post a selfie. I'm also not a fan of doing silly things to "promote" awareness of anything like posting your bra color or some weird code speak so nobody knows what you're talking about or why. 

Sincere because I could never do that. I would never post a picture of myself with no makeup. It's scary to me. I don't consider myself to be a natural anything and there is no filter that will mask and beautify five hours of sleep, dark circles, and bags under my eyes.

And this is why I love makeup.

Don't get me wrong, I've never been a makeup brand snob. I used to work in admissions at a beauty school and prospective aesthetician students would proudly announce that they only used Mac cosmetics. And I was over here like - Aaaaand?

But I always, always, ALWAYS wore makeup from the time I was finally able to get away with wearing it without getting in trouble. And even before then. Don't tell Mom.

I can remember just after having my kids making sure my makeup and hair were done. Even if I wasn't going anywhere. Why? Because I felt better that way. I felt awake. I felt functional. When I passed a mirror I wasn't horrified. Making sure my face was done made me feel like a human. It made me feel pretty when my body was taken over by nursing, diaper changes, and sleepless nights.

I've only gone makeupless for six weeks out of my adult life. It was the six weeks following my son's accident while we stayed in the hospital. I didn't wear makeup at all. I didn't feel like I deserved to wear makeup or feel pretty. So I didn't. I felt like I didn't deserve to spend time on myself. I didn't want my shoes, my clothes, my purses, my pretty things, or my makeup.  And when I see pictures of that time and a makeupless face I know why and I feel it again.

[This is the part where I'm in tears from even writing this. But I'm wearing my 3D Fiber Mascara so my tears are totally clear and not black. Winning! Is 'winning' still a thing? I digress.]

Fast forward five years.

After I tried the above mentioned magical mascara and I decided to start selling it to all my friends it felt like a fun way to be girly and earn a little extra money on the side. 

And then it was weird when I was kind of good at it. And then it was even weirder when I started feeling...p..p...paaassionate about my little Younique business.

But then what happened...THEN WHAT HAPPENED was that I started getting messages and notes from my friends who bought makeup from me or 3D fiber mascara saying they were getting random compliments from strangers. 

Saying their kids said they looked younger. 
Saying people told them they looked beautified. 
Saying their face looked flawless.
Saying they felt pretty.

The feeling I got from hearing that was something I never expected. You mean to tell me I was sharing something with other women that made them feel good about themselves? That made them feel pretty?

It meant something to me. It means something to me. Because in that moment when I'm reading their comments I can feel exactly how they feel. 

So maybe some say makeup is fake. That it isn't real. Maybe some say it's not authentic and maybe some say people hide behind too much makeup. Maybe they say makeup covers up what's really there.

Maybe it does. But maybe that's not a bad thing. 

Maybe she feels better about herself when she wears it. Maybe she feels more confident and that hides her insecurities. Maybe she feels sexier. Maybe she feels happier.

If this journey that I'm on means I have anything at all - even the tiniest bit - to do with making someone feel better about themselves then give me my magical mascara and lipgloss because I have a journey to continue.

A New Journey

A New Journey

Why I'm Now Selling Magical Mascara

I'm finally blogging again!

I don't know what the dry spell was all about but here I am now.

That's a half lie. I do kind of know what it's about. I was in a rut. Right before my 33rd birthday I was feeling pretty...unfulfilled. 

I hate that word. HATE IT. Because it implies that life with my kids and husband doesn't fulfill me. THAT IS TOTALLY NOT THE CASE. But I also work part time. And THAT was not fulfilling. It was becoming monotonous. And I am totally stealing this term but I have "Career ADD." I want to do all of the things and none of the things. I've never had a problem getting a job. I just get bored and restless really easily and then I start looking for something else.

That was happening and I got the feeling I've had before. It feels like I'm in the middle of an intersection and I'm trying to figure out what direction to proceed and all I know is that there will be change.

So I'm in that space, all angsty and restless. My 33rd birthday week was a blast. Everyone celebrated just as I'd threatened. I got presents and shiny things. And I had made the decision that I was going to be in the positive space. I still hadn't figured out the F word, though.


It was right around that time that a friend of mine was hosting an online Facebook party. I'm invited to many of those, as I'm sure all of you fine people are, but this one was for Younique 3D Fiber Mascara. 

I had been wanting to try that stuff forever!

I love makeup and wear it daily. I had wanted to try eyelash extensions but the upkeep and cost kept me from not pulling the trigger on that decision. I am already pretty high maintenance - hair, nails, spray tans in the summer, the gym...sometimes - it kind of tired me out just thinking of adding one more thing to do to myself.

And I'm terribly uncoordinated when it comes to false eyelashes. I love the look. But my fingers refuse to work with them.

I ordered my 3D mascara. It arrived. I was so excited I ripped open the package and tried it right away. It was love at first lash.

This is me with no mascara where it looks like I have zero lashes. The second picture is of me with my old "ol' faithful" pink and green Maybelline mascara. The bottom picture is Younique 3D Fiber Mascara.

And this is me with one done in Younique and one eye done in Maybelline. Can you tell the difference???

So I'm using it. Daily. I can't get over what a big difference it makes. I take pictures of every before and after. It's amazing stuff. It's not stiff AT ALL and never makes my eyes water, which I thought was part of wearing mascara. One day I'm sitting in front of the mirror putting my magical mascara on and I think to myself - I love this so much I should sell it.

I literally walk over to my laptop, open a Facebook message and there's a message from the Younique Presenter saying, "You should sell this." Not quite like that but you know what I'm saying. It was a match made in heaven.

I thought about it some more. Was this crazy? Am I being silly? Should I really do this?

But the startup was so easy and fast, I was risking nothing and it was all done through online Facebook parties. And for signing on I would get more 3D mascara and makeup? Sold. Seriously, they had me at "more 3d mascara."

We went out of town last weekend and the night I got back last Sunday I signed up. 

Let me tell you, this last week has been so much fun. I'm so glad I signed up for it. I feel like it's something that's fun and girly and just my own. Side money nevah hurt nobody. My only regret is that I didn't get started sooner! I'm feeling that F word coming on.

Another great thing about this is that it's mine!!! Did I already say that? Well, what I mean is that I get to decide what to do with my earnings. I've always wanted to get more serious about donating to ISR scholarships so that infant swim rescue isn't cost prohibitive and so that all families can get this skill for their children. So now I can do that!

My first party is currently happening and a portion of the proceeds to this party will be donated to my friend, Janet, who has a cancerous tumor she has to have removed. Read more about her story here.

And if you'd like to try the 3d Fiber Mascara for yourself, click on the link below. You'll love it!

Road to an Imperfect Life: The Negative Space

Road to an Imperfect Life:

The Negative Space

This post is for me. 

I had been in the negative for a few weeks. 

In the negative.

What does that even mean? It's a big cloud of worry mixed with pessimistic cynicism. It's just unreasonable. I'm unreasonable and all this tends to happen when transition is happening in my life. And transition is just another word for change. I'm not good with change. Well, I'm not good with the transition part of change. I'm not good at the "going through it." But once I'm on the other side, I'm good. I can adjust. I'm 100% on board. It's just that pesky "going through it" part that punches me in the stomach.

So I was feeling it - all that negative space. Maybe it came on extra hard because it was summer and there was all of the sudden more idle time to let things simmer a little more. Here I was thinking summer would bring lazy days of time well spent with my kids in bed together, drinking coffee (me, not them), and writing or playing or reading or whatever our little hearts fancied.

But summer has really turned out to be quite the opposite. It started feeling hectic for no apparent reason and a little claustrophobic. Those beautiful, carefree mornings have been replaced by demands for oatmeal and ponies and cartoons and orange juice all at the same time, which just so happened to be at 7:30 in the morning.

I was beginning to feel like I had been cheated out of my carefree summer days. By who? I don't know. I would blame my kids except that it was me who had these unreasonable expectations so was it my fault? 

Of course not.

So I was in the negative space. I felt myself ranting more than raving and I don't like that girl. I don't like her at all. I mean, who doesn't love a good bitch session? But it was getting to the point where I was tired of myself. I was getting irritated by everyone who was getting so easily offended by what others were saying, including me. Meanwhile, I was getting so offended by everything everyone else was saying. Got that?

What was happening???

I was all wrapped up in that negative space.

Then I started to unwrap. I'm currently unwrapping.

And then suddenly I was blindsided by a realization: 

Holy shit I have some amazing people in my life. I am so lucky to have the family and friends I have in my little circle. 

Woah! What were those? Positive thoughts! Where have you been all this time? Welcome back! It's been so long!

The thing is that I don't want anyone to ever think that I don't feel 1000% lucky and blessed with the life I have. Yeah, we have some sadness. Maybe more than some. Probably more than some can handle. But that in no way negates how beautiful and amazing this life can be or how thankful I am to have it. 

I believe that happiness is a choice and I'm not sure I was choosing it. 

And then this evening another thought jumped out at me. I have some friends who are grieving losing their loved ones. Their children. Sometimes the sadness and heaviness of this life can be suffocating and you have to step away. But today, when the thought lingered, I stepped in.

There might come a day when something really bad could happen. And then I'll be sad for a very, very long time. That might sound depressing but I've been there before so it's familiar. After Christian's accident I felt such a deep pain that I didn't know when I'd ever be happy again. So I draw from that.

So if that someday comes and I'm so sad I don't know when I'll be happy again why wouldn't I choose being happy now? Why wouldn't I choose to seize the day? How much time do we really have until that sad day comes out and bites you? And maybe seizing the day means grasping at opportunity and sometimes it will mean coffee in bed with the kids. I don't know what it means. I think it means whatever you want it to mean. What I do know is that I don't want to waste this time I have right now.

I will always have rants, I love a good bitch fest, and I'm sure I'll have complaints about things because I'm still super judgy about everything. But what I really want is to be inspired. And to maybe inspire. I want more positive and less negative. 

I'm promising myself, on this my 33rd birthday, that I'm choosing inspiration. I'm choosing happiness. And I'm reminding myself to be grateful for those who love me as fiercely as I love them despite my many flaws.

Happy birthday to me.